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CBF Wednesday Mid-Week Refuel

Beginning at 7:00pm on September 16, 2015 we will begin hosting a two-hour, midweek service in our Wilmington sanctuary.

This will be a time of worship, prayer and Bible study for our members and community to engage around the celebration of God's work and the beauty of His Word. Come join us!

CBF Generation Praise Dance Ministry

The mission of this ministry is to instruct and encourage our daughters in: use of their creative gifts and talents, expressing praise and worship to GOD through dance, exhortation and encouragement of others toward their praise and worship of GOD.

For further details email Robin Riddick at

Transforming Your Money Mindset

Based on Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover, this 9-week series of 90-minute meetings are designed to walk you through the "Baby Steps" toward transforming the way we steward God's resources via a proven plan for financial fitness.

For further details email Morgan LaRoyce at

30-Day Spiritual Detox

If you've been looking for a personal, impactful, short-cycle, small group bible study, this may be it.

Who Can Participate?: You (any CBF member), your family members and/or friends

What is it About? This CBF sponsored six-week group study will help partner-participants focus, with intention, on issues of the heart through a spiritual detoxification. Those participating in this small group will examine the health of their heart to identify dis-ease that may be laying beneath the surface. Even if your heart is in perfect shape, when you honestly and seriously engage this study, you will encounter God and experience His transforming power.

When: Meetings will be once a week over six weeks for about 90 minutes per session.

If interested in future sessions, or if you have questions, contact Mother Fern Johnson at