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Parent / Teen Ministry


Age of Service

For young men ages: 9-20
(coming soon)

PEARLS Mentoring Program

For young women ages: 9-20

Titus 2:3-5

Vision for this ministry:
Committed women of God who are desirous of relating with the young women of Covenant Blessing Fellowship for the purposes of imparting wisdom and discipline that will encourage obedience to the faith.

Click here for the PEARL ministry mission.

PEARLS meets monthly (every 3rd Sunday)

Upcoming events: PEARLS parent orientation- March 28, 2010

For more information, please contact Venessa Harewood at_714.588.8394 or

P ° E ° A ° R ° L ° S

Preparing- Developing a Christian worldview that we believe and live

Equipping- Studying the Word and gaining practical understanding

Authenticating-Making wise choices that demonstrate God is the priority in our lives

Replicating- Sharing Christ with others and making disciples

Leading- Setting the standard of godly living for others to follow

Serving-Sacrificially giving of our time and talents to others.


Ministry Leader
Venessa Harewood

(husband Pastor Dale)

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