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Bible Reading Plan - Old Testament

1. Pray

  1. To see Yahweh God clearly (His identity, power, love, etc.)
  2. To see the Big Picture
  3. To NOT get bogged down in the details but to capture the author’s flow of thought in each book
  4. To see the unity of the 11 OT storyline books
2. Remember the emphasis of Nehemiah 9 and Acts 6 as you are going thought the 11 storyline books
3. Read the introduction section in your Bible (or download from the internet). A good introduction would have headings like:
  1. Author (& Readers)
  2. Date
  3. Purpose, Theme, Setting, or Occasion
  4. Outline
(If you need some recommendations for online info or to purchase a good study Bible, please ask me.)
4. Keep multiple copies of your reading list (place in your car, on your refrigerator, in your Bible, etc.)

SPECIAL NOTE: Some things in the Old Testament deal with the nation of Israel ONLY and not you as a Christian. Be careful not to confuse the nation of Israel with the Church (IF YOU WOULD LIKE MORE INFO ABOUT WHAT APPLIES TO US TODAY IN THE OLD TESTATMENT PLEASE ASK).


1. Free download (you can save to your computer, mp3 player, or burn it to a CD for your car):

2. Listen for about 15-20 minutes
3. TIPS:
  • Focus on the listening to the Bible (Remove any distractions that would take away your attention)
  • Close your eyes
  • Repeat the words to yourself as you listen (either SILENTLY OR ALLOWED)
  • Read along with your Bible (even if you have a different translation)
  • Skim through the headings of the chapters or sections in the entire particular book first as fast as you can
Don’t go backwards over what you don’t understand; KEEP MOVING (the goal is to get through the Bible, not to study it)

NOTE: over the last 60 years we have been bombarded by fast paced learning and entertainment through radio, TV, Internet, video games, etc. so we are more easily bored. Pray to fight through the boredom (stretch yourself, don’t give up, don’t be defeated)

11 Story Line Books of the Old Testament
1. Genesis, 2. Exodus, 3. Numbers, 4. Joshua, 5. Judges, 6. 1 Samuel 7. 2 Samuel, 8. 1 Kings, 9. 2 Kings, 10. Ezra, 11. Nehemiah


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